Server : Linux Hosting Server - 105

All Hosting accounts on One of our Linux hosting server will be migrated to new server on 26 Jun 2019 and it will schedule to start 1.00 PM

New Server will be utilizing the latest server hardware and software stack to increase your service uptime, security and overall performance. In most cases, the migration process will not impact the uptime of your service and your clients.
However please don't make any changes / update to your sites for 24 hours period ( 1.00 PM - 26 Jun 2019 to 1.00 PM 27 Jun 2019 )

You don't need to update your Domain nameservers, however if you are hosting web site changing the A records to server IP, then you'll need to update the A record with below New server IP after completing this account migration.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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