cPanel Reseller Price Update - 2021

  • 18th March 2021
Dear Clients, Due to cPanel licensing fee review and update on Jan 2021, We've to updat Reseller Package prices as below. these price update will apply to all existing reseller packages from 01 Apr 2021 Reseller 25-----------------------Current Price : Rs. 4700/- monthNew Peice from 01 Apr 2021 : Rs. 5400/- month Reseller ...
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Domain Price Update

  • 17th March 2021

Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer price for .com .biz , .info will be updated on 18 Mar 2021

New .com Registration, renewal, transfer Rs. 2400/- year

New .biz Registration Rs. 3500/- First year, Renewal and transfer Price is Rs. 3900/- year

New .info Registration Rs. 2000/- First year, Renewal and transfer Price is Rs. 3900/- year

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Service Renewal Grace period

  • 6th April 2020
Dear Clients, Due to current situation in Sri Lanka, we've decided to help you, So we allow All Web Hosting Renewal for 30 Days Grace period to pay your renewal invoice. However if you have a Domain Renewal on your invoice you need to settle the Domain Renewal fee within 12 Days grace period from your Domain Expired date. Eg: Domain Expire date ...
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