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A domain name is as important as your own name. It is how Internet searchers locate you online. In addition to a name, your domain name is also like an address when used with a .com, .net, biz or similar suffix.
The difference between a domain name and human names is that there cannot be two domain names.
The suffix of the address, the .com part, is the top-level domain. If you are operating a business and want to really draw potential customers to your site, you can tie up the market by buying several domains with your companyĘs name at .com, .biz, .info, .net, etc. Likewise, if the domain name you really wanted is taken already as a .com, you may check to see if it is available as a .net, .biz, etc.
While the Internet is ever expanding, these domains are among the most popular:

  • .com - one of the most common TLD.
  • .biz - provided for businesses and eCommercial websites
  • .info - provided for information, like news, political blogs, etc.
  • .org - provided primarily for non profit websites and organizations
  • .net - for online businesses such as web hosting companies, domain name resellers and similar online providers

Countries around the world have their own top domain name, such as .lk for the Sri Lanka, .in for India and .us for the United States.

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