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Before beginning this process, please make sure you have the following details.

Email address       : Your Email Address  ( Eg: )
Email Username    : Use Your FULL Email Address as Username ( Eg: )
Email Password    : Password of your Email Account
POP3 Server         :
SMTP Server         :

1) Sart Outlook Express ( Start > Programs > Outlook Express ), Then Create a new account by selecting Tools > Accounts.

Outlook Account

2) Click the Add button and then select Mail.

Add Email

3) Enter your name in the Display Name field. This is the name that will be displayed to recipients of your email messages > click Next.

Your Name

4) In the E-Mail address field, enter your email address > Click Next.

Email Address

5) On the E-mail Server Names window, enter the sending (SMTP) and receiving (pop3) server information.  (These details on your account setup file or Contact support)  >  Click Next

Mail Servers

6) In the mail Logon window, Type your Full Email address and Password ( Remember Password should select) > Clieck Next  > then click Finish.

Mail Logon

Please note: SMTP authentication must be turned ON to SMTP server to send outgoing email. To do this, select your Email Account > Properties > Goto servers tab and under the Outgoing Mail Server section, select "My server requires authentication"

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