PHP 7.4 End of Life

  • 29th December 2022
PHP 7.4 end of life (EOL) on the 28 November 2022 meaning known security flaws will no longer be fixed and sites are exposed to significant security risks. It is important to update  your web sites to a newer version. We would recommend updating to either: 8.0 supported until 26 November 2023 8.1 supported until 25 November 2024 Important : ...
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Discontinue of old PHP version

  • 27th December 2022
The security support for all PHP versions below 7.3 has been officially over for quite some time,  we believe the risk of using them is growing higher for your web site security. Also the performance of websites using old PHP versions is considerably lower. We are discontinuation of PHP 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 and all clients need to update their web ...
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cPanel price increase

  • 26th December 2022
We are writing to let you know that cPanel announced another price increase for  cPanel account licenses coming up in January 2023. Since 2019, these price hikes have become a tradition for WebPros, the company behind cPanel.  We don't like making things more expensive, but when our costs go up due to these service provider's decision, we ...
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Holiday Announcement

  • 22nd December 2022

Our sales office will be closed from 24 Dec 2022 to 26 Dec 2022 for the holidays.

However you can contact tech support through support ticket.

Also please email to for all other enquiries and we will try to respond within 24 hours during this holiday period.

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